VAXstation II, now different problem

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 00:20:57 1997

I _THINK_ I found the problem that I was having. It appears that the HD
cables weren't attached, only the power (weird that). Just prior to this I
found out about the LED counter on the back of the unit and found that it
was sitting on "1" despite the fact the counter on the screen was "2".
According to the Hardware manual this means that the bootstrap device might
not contain bootable system software.

OK, now I've got the HD plugged in and am hoping things will go better.
Foolish me. Now it just sits there on "2". Doesn't even give me the "?54
RETRY" message, it simply sounds like it starts to spin down the HD, and
then immediatly spins it back up. It's been sitting like this for a while
now. Nothing. Even the LED on the back says "2".

Oh, at least I found out I've got an RD53-A HD. Is there any difference
between a RD53 HD and a RD53-A HD, or are they the same thing?

Anyone have any ideas on this? It's starting to look to me as if someone
pulled out the original HD to put in a machine that needed a good one.
Then they put the bad on in this machine, but for some reason took the time
to plug in the power.


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