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>Kip Crosby wrote:
>> At 03:34 11/8/97 GMT, you wrote:
>> >....in my experience
>> >with IBM network cards, if they're a round (i.e. BNC) connector,
>> >they're probably the old "baseband" stuff that uses lots of coax
>>cable >and a hub/amplifier, and work only with IBM PC-LAN Program
>>and >NetBEUI....the number 2Mb/sec comes
>> >to mind....
>> Are we talking about Arcnet here? When I think 2Mb/sec, BNC
>>connector, and 8-bit bus, I think Arcnet, but there may have been
>others.... If the cards are _branded_ IBM, chances are well over
>ten to one that they are
>Token Ring. IBM never touched Arcnet, and was hesitant about
>Ethernet. --
>Ward Griffiths

If any of those network cards ARE token-ring and have BNC connectors, I
would love to buy a couple. I got an old Token ring MAU several years ago
that has BNC ports and would like to try it out. Can't tell you how many
people have flat out denied that Token Ring was ever carried over coax!
But the existence of the MAU is proof enough that at one time it was done.

Kirk Scott

Kirk Scott

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