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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sun Nov 9 12:40:39 1997

Hotze asked:
>PS-Does anyone know where I can get old PC Mag issues? Or any other major

I wish I knew, we've got a place in town here, it's pretty big with a huge
basement. They deal specifically in old magazines. I was in there a few
months ago, and asked about this specifically. Despite the fact that they
had a huge assortment of magazines from about the past 100 years, they only
had about the last two months worth of a few computer magazines. According
to them there just isn't the demand for the old magazines. In some ways it
makes sense, but then who wants a 50 year old copy of some hunting and
fishing magazine?

About the only hope I see for finding such things are junk shops, and when
I say junk shops I mean junky junk shops! There is a local outfit that's
mainly surplus junk hardware, I found about a dozen copies of "Amiga World"
there, but they were '92-'93 timeframe.

One of the best bets might be to find an old packrat that might have some
squirelled away. Of course then you might have to wait till they die to
get them.

I've had a little luck on the Apple side of things. A couple months ago I
got my Apple //+ and it included the first three issues of the Apple //
magazine that Apple put out. Last spring I managed to get the very first
issue of MacWorld in great shape for only $4.00! This is the magazine
where Bill Gates is saying that the Macintosh is the greatest computer
ever. I've found a couple other magazines when I picked up complete
systems, this only works when someone has done a good job of boxing up
everything for a specific system, and then a few years later dumps


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