Space problems and Laser 128ex

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Date: Sun Nov 9 15:29:24 1997

In a message dated 97-11-08 09:01:35 EST, Alan Richards put forth:

> Does anyone have any ideas about this machine, specificaly I would like
> know how to break into the BASIC. On the Apple, I press CRTL and reset,
> this doesn't work on the Laser.

I have just the regular 128 and it basically should work and act the same as
a //c. The machine was supposedly 99% apple compatible, but I needed the 1%
compatibility when aol supported the apple ][ and it wouldnt work with my
laser! <control>-<reset> should work, but i've noticed you cannot do it too
quick. let go of the control key first, then reset. to get into the builtin
"control panel" to setup your ports, press <control>+"open apple"+<p> i
think that's what it is.

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