VAXstation II, now different problem

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Date: Sun Nov 9 11:05:45 1997

Big SNIP of junk...

> <This RD53 spindown problem can also be caused by a spindle brake that does
> <not retract fully when the drive is powered up! It rubs against the spindl
> <and the drive shuts down. I fixed this by simply undoing the screw holding
> <the brake solenoid and moving it back a little bit. My drive has been
> <running for well over a year following this fix.
> Worth checking for but spindown due to stuck head positioner is THE most
> common problem with 1325 drives.
> Allison
It affects all 13xx series ones that has aluminum top with
countersunk philips screws. I had to fix my 1355 (esdi 150mb) also
and other one I could not recall.

Good idea to check that brake too and see that felt is still alive
and in right place. And house dusting in is in order also. They do
have black plastic fan ring snapped onto motor housing. It has also
alignment arrow heads.

Suppose micropolis used silcone instead of that dumb natural black
rubber pads we would not have to open them up by now!

You can undo those 2 captive slotted scerw heads and hinge logic
board up. Neato!

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