apple rgb monitor problems

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Date: Sun Nov 9 21:54:59 1997

i need some help with an applecolor rgb monitor if anyone can.
does anyone know any way of testing this monitor? i have one in the
silver-gray colour that matches my mac IIcx yet, i cannot seem to get any
video on it. i have tried using both a laser128 and a //c's rgb output into
the monitor, but the only thing i can get is a deep blue screen with stable
vertical lines with the //c, and a moving blue bar with the laser128 although
they both can do rgb output and i was using the same cable. when i tested the
monitor with my mac cx which has a 1 bit mono card, i did get video, but was
difficult to read, and i got double images of the desktop. i've already tried
every control accessable on the monitor too. unlike my vga monitors, this one
does not produce a raster screen when no video cable is connected. is there
anything else i can try short of round-filing the monitor?

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