From: Bill Yakowenko <yakowenk_at_cs.unc.edu>
Date: Mon Nov 10 02:57:41 1997

Today, for the first time in years, I got my old SwTPC S/09 to boot.
(pause for applause to die down)

But success was not total; floppy drive 0 works fine, but drive 1
just retracts to track 0 and makes a buzzing/grinding noise. I'm
guessing that it wants to hit track 0 at the beginning of a seek,
can't tell that it has made it there, and is struggling to retract
past the legal limit.

So, is anybody out there familiar with the mechanics of Qume 8"
floppy drives? Is there a switch or optical sensor or something
that tells it when it is at track 0? Or, from the description, is
it possible/likely that this is an electrical failure, like a dead
chip? Anybody got a service manual for one of these critters?

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