New finds and a question

From: Adam Jenkins <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 07:05:55 1997

After a very poor start, my weekend ended up great - I picked up three
Apple IIc's (which I didn't want as I already have two) for $10, but they
came with some thirty manuals for most of the Apple II range (along with
the Osborne Executive) and a number of books on the Apple IIs. Thinking
this made for a good day, I was later given a Microbee with the
Computer-in-a-Book drive,and a Dick Smith System 80. The Microbee was an
Australian Z80 CP/M system, highly sucessful both as kits (as they
originally were) and complete systems, especially in schools. I had been
searching for one for a while, but had very little luck - everyone I knew
who had one was too attached to it to let it go. The System 80 was a
TRS-80 Model 1 clone, with some interesting modifications - most notably an
inbuilt tape deck. Another computer I had been specifically looking for.

Anyway, as to my question. The System 80 works fine, but it seems it needs
a cable to connect to the monitor. The monitor uses a standard TV aerial
connector, but the computer has a DIN. Fortunately I found a technical
manual for the computer in one of my piles of manuals at home, and it lists
the pin outs - one +5 volt, one ground, and one video output. It also has a
diagram of the cable, and it seems it is just a plain cable with different
plugs at each end. Knowing nothing about electronics, it seems to me that
the TV plug has only two contacts, not three - anyone know how I make the
cable? Or know where I might find a replacment?

I'm sure this is a really stupid question but I am a mere programmer -
technical stuff is way out of my league.

Thanks heaps,

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