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From: James Willing <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 10:00:22 1997

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Roger Merchberger wrote:
> > Holy-Moly -- something I've not heard about yet on the list -- Page 35
> > there's an ad for "Introducing the Micro-Altair -- The complete Computer
> > System that requires just a keyboard and TV monitor for use." Kool.
> Great job, I have been looking for that article, the May 1976 Byte? The
> Micro-Altair is more commonly known as the Poly 88 and was the first machine
> I am aware of built by Polymorphic Systems here in Santa Barbara. The name
> was changed to Poly 88 after Ed Roberts of Mits objected to the name Altair
> being used. It was packaged in an orange chassis and I think it has also
> been referred to as a "toaster", probably because of its shape.

And don't forget one of it's most unique (and amusing) features! (I just
located a pair for my collection) If the four slots in the unit wre in
the unit are not enough for you, just snap another one on!

You see, there was provision for an additional S-100 connector on the edge
of the backplane which would allow you to plug another unit in as an
expantion box!

Never did hear (officially) what the record was for number of units
plugged together... <G>

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