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Date: Mon Nov 10 11:25:51 1997

> < Another "cute" blurb, "CP/M-86 is the 16 bit version of the de facto
> <industry standard microcomputer operating system, CPM. Once a user
> <slips the 8-inch floppy containing CPM-86 into a (IBM) Displaywriter,
> <an entirely new world of data processing will open up on the typist's
> <desk." Sounds almost pornographic. ; ^ ))
> Call that a snapshot in time before the PC explosion.

I like it! I used a Displaywriter occasionally at IBM, but I never knew
it had an 8088/86 in it! I didn't even know you could get a general
purpose operating system for it. It was a very nice machine, and ran a
version of Displaywrite nicer than _any_ of the PC implementations. I'd
love to get one for my collection...

Well, there you are. A non-IBM-compatible with an 8088/86, and made by
IBM too!

I would add the FTS series-88 - a very strange British box with an 8088
in it, also running CP/M-86. An 8086 CPU card exists, but the machine
was soon replaced by the FTS Series-86. This machine was sold as the
"Non-compatible Compatible" - it ran a multi-tasking version of CP/M-86
called Concurrent DOS, sold by a company whose name escapes me, but
begins with P (Pegasus?). It ran Lotus-123 from an IBM disk with no
complaints, even drawing graphs on the (monochrome) screen. I must get
mine working sometime...

Now for what Allison was waiting for - a mention of Honeywell :-) When
FTS went bust, they sold the design of the series-86 to Honeywell-Bull,
who marketed it as the Microsystem Executive. Needless to say it died

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