Classic "Laptops"

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 17:58:12 1997

Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Allison J Parent said:
><programs) and bank-switched RAM (up to 72K?). I thought the M102 had a
><40*8 display, and was simply a slimline M100 with a revised logic board
><(used surface mount chips?), etc.
><If that's incorrect, what is the size of the M102 display?

>It was may memory that the 102 had 80x8.

No, the screensize of the M102 was the same as the M100, 40x8. One of the
revisions on the logic board was a change from the proprietary 8K expansion
modules on the M100 to just 8K SRAM chip sockets on the M102, and I think
it was about 1 pound lighter. The expansion bus is also similar to the T200
(40-pin dual-inline 0.1" header) instead of the M100 (40-pin DIP socket)...

AFAIK they have the exact same ROMS and run all of the same programs... but
my experience is with the T200 and T600........

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