Varian 620/i information and software wanted

From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
Date: Tue Nov 11 18:01:50 1997

Hi Hans:

> I spent a most enjoyable day today writing an emulator for the varian
> 620/i processor. I have a few questions about the handling of the
> overflow flag if anyone can help.

I used a Varian 620 about 20 years ago. I have manuals on the hardware,
microprogramming, assembler, and on VORTEX, the Varian OS.

> Also does anyone have any software for the beastie?

I have a disk pack that may still be readable (same packaging as an
RL01/RL02 pack), tape backups, and some source and binaries. The programs
are mostly system utilities that I wrote while in school.

I don't have VORTEX, however. I DO have some VORTEX source code listings,
but that won't help at present...

You're welcome to whatever you need. I'll look up the overflow flag


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
Received on Tue Nov 11 1997 - 18:01:50 GMT

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