OLD hard drives and enclosure need RESCUE!

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin2_at_wizards.net>
Date: Tue Nov 11 20:10:39 1997

FW to: ClassicCmp_at_u.washington.edu
CC: cyber_at_prismnet.com

        Can anyone give the hard drives and enclosures this fellow has a good
home? The price is certainly right ($10 + shipping). What they are is two
enclosures, each with a pair of Miniscribe 4022's (16 MB each, formatted)
in them, and I've also been led to understand that the enclosures contain a
SCSI-to-MFM bridge board.

        Please reply directly to the offerer. Thanks!

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>From: Tom Ray <cyber_at_prismnet.com>
>Subject: Re: weird SCSI drives
>I'll take you up on that offer. I hate to throw things out. Anybody wants
>them, they can have both of them for the cost of shipping via USmail plus
>$10. if that's too much, let me know. Only thing is, I don't even know if
>the drives work.
>> In short, even if their box does contain a SCSI-to-MFM bridge board,
>>they're pretty useless for much of anything current. HOWEVER -- do NOT just
>>throw them out! Sell them (at no more than $20 for the whole thing) to
>>someone who can give them a good home, or donate them to whatever computer
>>charity is in your area.
>> One other alternative is that I'm a member of a mailing list of folks that
>>collect "classic" (read: more than 10 years old) hardware/software. Those
>>drives might be just what some collector needs to get that old Osborne or
>>Altair of theirs going with a good hard drive. I can, if you'd like,
>>forward a 'for sale/trade' note to the list for you. If anyone's
>>interested, they'd contact you directly.
>> Best of luck, no matter what happens.
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