Ohio Scientific Challenger series

From: starling_at_umr.edu <(starling_at_umr.edu)>
Date: Wed Nov 12 00:12:32 1997

> Anybody else know about any Ohio Scientific gear lurking in the deep dark
> closet or basement?

I've got a literal boatload of OSI equipment. However, it's all packed
away in Texas and I've never really ever gotten to play with it. I'm a
full time college student, plus I work like 20+ hours a week, so I rarely
have time to play with my collection much.

However, I _THINK_ I have a C1P "Challenger" complete with external 5.25"
floppy drive box, a C4P rack-mount beastie and a C8P (or C8?) rack-mount
ugly beast. I have about 6 or 7 8" floppie drives to go with it all
too. I also have a lot of software on 5.25" and 8" floppies... and a
lot of blank 8" floppies as well. I also have about two boxes worth of
manuals and catalogs for OSI stuff.

My plan is to play with all this stuff once I graduate. (Ha! like I'll
ever have free time again in my life) I'd really like to set up an OSI
web page because I have enough info in all the manuals to make a fairly
complete site.

Ahhh... but I've also been wanting to fix up my Lisa... *sob* *sniffle*

chris starling
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