Correction (Classic "Laptops")

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Date: Wed Nov 12 10:01:41 1997

Earlier this week I wrote:

> I wonder. A few weeks ago I bought for L1 at a car boot sale a device
> called a Microscribe 320. (Made by a Welsh company, Microscribe Ltd.,
> but sold with a British Telecom badge.) This is a sub-notebook (7 in
> square) terminal with built in text editor, 32K battery backed RAM and
> 40 x 8 character display. Before you all jump on me, yes, I know it was
> built circa 1983. It is a very nice machine, the only thing wrong with

Further investigation shows that my estimate of 1983 was incorrect. The
design of the model 320 dates from around 1985, and mine appears to have
been built early in 1988.

Just to keep the record straight.

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