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Date: Thu Nov 13 05:48:07 1997

> Sorry, folks. I've been asking around about what a System/74 is. I looked,
> and it's really a System/34. Could someone tell me what they were for, how
> much they were sold for, what year they are, what they're worth now, etc,etc.
> Thanks.

I used a System'34 when I worked for IBM in 1985-86. It was old then -
late '70s?. I seem to remember about 224K of RAM, possibly 256MB of
hard disk.

There were a number of posts on this subject on this list in late
September - start with the thread on IBM 5120 on 18th.

I would be very sad to see such a system vanish - I have a certain
affection for it after discovering that I - the newest student - knew
more about system/34s than anyone else in the building (this wasn't much
- the building housed two marketing units).

If you - or someone - do manage to acquire this sys/34, I may have some
spare copies of one or two pocket quick reference guides I could send
you. I'm pretty sure I've got OCL pocket reference (about 1/2 inch
thick) and I may have the Assembler pocket reference.

Finally, where is this machine? If it is in England or Wales I might
consider acquiring it myself...

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