Docs wanted: Scantron OMR units

From: James Willing <>
Date: Thu Nov 13 15:05:36 1997

Snickering quietly at the visions of people fleeing in terror and
revulsion... B^}

I'm seeking some docs on a couple of recent additions to the collection.
(be kind, they both have microprocessors so they at least kind of fall
into the charter)

I've rescued a Scantron 888MP test scorer OMR unit and a model 8400
(option 40) OMR page reader, both (of course) with no docs, information,
or software. (for the 8400 at least, the 888MP is a stanmd-alone)

So... after the prerequsite inquires toward Scantron (which so far have
netted a couple of nice catalogs, and an offer to sell me the
latest/neatest units, but nothing useful for what I've got... I turn

So... if anyone has (or has access to) spare manuals (or copies thereof),
I'd appreciate hearing from you... Hey, this could even be an opportunity
to dump that carton of old Scantron (bubble) forms you have been using for
note pads and connect the dot (bubble?) games! <G>

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