DEC Rainbow 100

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 13 17:27:20 1997

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<What is this? I have one.

It's decs a80/8088 powered alter to a PC.

<Some guy brought it in, said it was an XT he got at a garage sale, and
<wanted it upgraded. Bought it for $10.

Fall on floor laughing. While similar it's not upgradeable to a XT.
First off it has 768k of ram(or more) possible if not installed. Unlike
IBM they actaully fully decoded addresses for memeory so there are no
"holes" There is a z80 that does IO and it ran both CP/m-80/86(both!) and

<No video or whatever...

Should have a tube and LK201 keyboard as well as it has video and all. It
was a vastly better machine than the XT but not as accepted due to poor
marketing by DEC(actually none at all!) It was faster than the XT and had
at the time of offering better graphics.

<Is it a PDP relative?

Only in that it came from DEC. No PDP-11 or PDP-8 connection.

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