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From: Brett <>
Date: Thu Nov 13 19:42:45 1997

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, John R. Keys Jr. wrote:

> Today I picked up a KIM-1 with Commodore/MOS label for free they had it in
> the trash at the yard. No power supply was with it and they sold these for
> 169.99 with power supply. Anyone have information or know were I can get a
> power supply for this unit?

Any 5VDC should work. I have one and run it off about all PS I have 8-)
There is a Zener diode to help regulate (in between the connectors) and
you don't need +-12 unless you use the 20ma Current Loop to a ASR-33 and
the tape interface.

> Thanks John Keep Computing !!!

Use email if you need LOTS of more info - I just picked up a scanner 8-)
and wanted to save my Kim docs anyway 8-) tho don't expect them this year!

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