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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Nov 13 22:39:31 1997

At 08:11 PM 11/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>OK, so they weren't called that early on. But still, that's what
>they're called now. What I really want is something small, but
>powerful. (This classic is going to get USED) I have two schedule
>programs; MS Schedule+ and a program called Sidekick 2.0, for DOS, made
>in the early 90's. Compatibility would help. I also want something
>that's not to hard to find, and I can get for less than a Palm Pilot. (A
>lot less, if possible.)
Your choices include:

Amstrad PDA-600 (maybe DOS?)
Atari Portfolio (DOS)
Poquet PC (DOS)
GridPad (DOS, not very small)
HP handhelds
Dauphin DTR-1 (DOS/Windows)
Maybe a couple of others

None of those are cheap. Portfolios and Poquets seem to sell for well over
$100. Same for the gridpad. I dunno about the various HP handhelds, but I
suspect they're expensive too. I got (not yet -- it's on its way) my
Amstrad PDA-600 for $60. Dauphins are more than a Pilot.

Of the lot, the HP's are probably the most powerful.

Another option would be an early Newton or one of the machines that came out
at the same time (like the Zoomer).

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