Probably not counting... DECserver 200/MC

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Nov 13 23:43:59 1997

William Donzelli <> wrote
(after Daniel Seagraves):
> > I just got a DECserver 200/MC to act as a termserver for my 11/34 when it
> > comes back up... ANyone know how to get setup on here?
> > This may not count as a computer, but I do need help...
> OK, so I am not familiar with the unit, but why would it not count as a
> "computer"? Is it not yet ten years old (for this list)?

If not it's close. I was responsible for one or two in 1988 or so,
and we got it from somewhere else so it must have been around for a
little while before then.

It's a terminal server. I never took a screwdriver to one but it
clearly had some smarts inside. To the best of my knowledge it will
not do TCP/IP, but my knowledge is a bit dated. Maybe DEC found a way
to cram it in there but I think they only had TCP/IP support in later
models of terminal server.

On powerup it has about enough code in it to download the code that
makes it useful over Ethernet using DEC MOP. Supposing it finds a
willing MOP server with the appropriate loadable image it will then be
able to do DEC LAT over Ethernet. So you could hook terminals or
modems up with it and have them talk to a LAT host, or you could hook
up a printer and establish a LAT print queue on a VMS host, or you
could hook its serial ports up to some other computer's serial ports
and set it up as a LAT server that other LAT users could connect to.

Is it useful/usable with -11s? I don't know, I used it with VAXen,
but that's been eight or nine years ago and I don't really remember
them that well.

-Frank McConnell
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