Classic "Laptops"

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 08:29:46 1997

>OK. By the way, speaking of "sub-laptops", does anyone know what kind of
>might be good for me? I just pretty much want to be able to take notes;
>Windows CE is cheap enough for me, but they're keyboards aren't for REAL
>Possibly an Apple Newton? Or are there any classics that have a keyboard
>enough to type on(not two-finger typing.) ? Where can I get one of these
>Shack 100's?
Radio Schlock 100's had the loveliest keyboards I've ever seen. Don't think
the display was backlit, tho'. I see 286 and 8088 laptops (floppy only)
going for cheap $$ at hamfests.
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