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Date: Fri Nov 14 09:44:43 1997

>> > This machine is in Boston, MA, USA. It also has three very ugly terminals -
>> > anyone know what kind?

Yes, I know exactly what kind, but I can't remember the IBM number
(5250? Something like that, anyway). You daisy-chain up to eight of
each port on the Sys/34 using IBM twinax cable.

> Anyway, if the Boston System/34 is available, perhaps the RCS/RI people
> might want it.

Allison has expressed an interest...

For your information, it is about 4 feet tall, two or three feet wide,
and at least six feet long, the actual length depending on what options
are installed. It is very heavy (I don't know how heavy) but some
dismantling should be possible.

I can't now remember who asked, but whoever you are, your Toyota should
have no difficulty carrying the thing if you can get it into the back.
Warning: If you need people to help you lift bits into the back of your
truck, you will _definitely_ need help lifting it off again when you get

> > I have one available here, in Peoria, IL...
> > Anyone want it? I can't store it...
> > It has all sortsa 8" floppies with it...
> It might not be a bad idea to grab the floppies, even if you can not
> find a taker for the hardware.

Good point. Well said, William. Whoever gets the Boston machine will
want [copies of] the Peoria floppies, I imagine.

I may well be visiting the eastern US in the next few weeks but I
absolutely _refuse_ to take a system/34 home with me! In the summer, I
got sent to Jakarta (Indonesia) and I bought a large gong. You wouldn't
believe how expensive excess baggage costs to bring home! (I had 76kg
total baggage on that flight...)

On the other hand, I might be able to shuttle a _FEW_ _SMALL_ items in
each direction. Suggestions??

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