Bogus CD drive

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 09:43:29 1997

>Disclaimer: This is not a ten-year-old topic and you are free to ignore the
>message as you see fit. I write, however, in full confidence that someone
>reading this can answer the question.
>My primary computer has a Toshiba 3401 (couple-years-old) caddy-type SCSI
>CD drive in it. This is from back when they were expensive and built like
>tanks. It is now generally choking on software CD's and skipping horribly
>on audio CD's. My Wintel guru says that it is literally not worth trying
>to clean the thing, that the cost of a cleaning will exceed the cost of a
>new 8X or 10X SCSI CD drive, and the bother of going inside the case,
>removing, and re-installing will be the same. I hate to pitch this drive,
>it's worked so well; is there anything non-invasive I can try before I give
>up on it?

Have you tried a cleaning CD? You can get them for $8 or so.
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