Bogus CD drive

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Nov 14 11:27:30 1997

<>My primary computer has a Toshiba 3401 (couple-years-old) caddy-type SCSI
<>CD drive in it. This is from back when they were expensive and built lik
<>tanks. It is now generally choking on software CD's and skipping horribl
<Run down to Tower Records and pick up a CD Lens Cleaner. Shouldn't be mor
<than $10-15 and it just might do the trick. (Not a bad thing to have in an

My phillips cm205 (yes single speed) gets cranky every so often and
removing and opening it finds a cloud of dust. Careful vacuum and soft
brush and clean the lenses with a blast of dry air in a can seems to do
it every time.

The dust accumulates in the CDrom as a result of the PCs cooling fan that
blows out. The cooling intake air come from a grill at the opposite corner
of the box about also some is sucked through the 3.5" floppy and the CDrom
via the doors. After a while I can see the dust if I push the door open.
Since the system runs 24x365 it does gather dust!

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