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<< Subj: Re: Re[2]: System/34
 Date: 97-11-14 14:43:02 EST
 From: (Allison J Parent)
 To: (Discussion re-collecting of classic
 <> Anyway, if the Boston System/34 is available, perhaps the RCS/RI people
 <> might want it.
 <Allison has expressed an interest...
 It will be for the RCS/RI folk if I collect it as I am not IBM oriented.
 <I can't now remember who asked, but whoever you are, your Toyota should
 <have no difficulty carrying the thing if you can get it into the back.
 <Warning: If you need people to help you lift bits into the back of your
 <truck, you will _definitely_ need help lifting it off again when you get
 Good to know. A few racks will fit no sweat I was wondering if it were
 more like a room full.
 However, I've heard nothing from the owner.
I don't actually own the thing, and never offered it per se. I could probably
get the administration to let go of it, esp. if there' s money involved.
I'll ask around. The terminals are 3 5250's -- I found the manual for one of
them. As soon as I get a definite response, I'll post. Tell me how much you
would pay.
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