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Date: Fri Nov 14 19:11:31 1997

off topic, but speaking of JTS, egghead is/was selling JTS 1gig drives for
$99. i bought one, and works great! quiet, and has a 3 year warranty. all i
got was the drive in a box, but then again, that's all i wanted.


In a message dated 97-11-14 05:22:36 EST, mr hotze put forth:

> Well, it won't help you now, but a company called JTS Corporation has the
> HDDs I've seen in a LONG time. I was using a WD Caviar 2.0 GB, and it was
> LOUD!!! It also had a fairly good HDD Test Score: 2.6 by the Norton
> Utilities
> benchmarks. I ran the test with my NEW 2.0 GB JTS, which got a 4.0!!!
> it's about $20-$40 cheaper than the equivelent Caviar. The best part: It
> has a
> cover with rubber on the outside. I had it IN THE OPEN for about 3 weeks,

> and
> it still worked just fine. The cover protects it from static electrictity

> form
> jerks like me, and from shock, stuff like that.
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