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Date: Fri Nov 14 15:30:24 1997

> > > If you think that was loud, you've never heard a RP05 spinning up :-).
> > I have heard it a jumbo jet on takeoff. Seems to be
> > most of noise from that too powerful blower motor. Why the need
> > for that blower to be there?! Ack!
> Most removable pack drives go through a "purge" cycle before loading
> the heads. The idea is to blow enough air through to pick up any specks
> of dust that were in the pack or got into the drive while loading.
> Tim. (

Uhhh... could be RL02? It came either internal only or removeable
models and all I could see that fan kept going and going.
All I recall someone who told me was 1.22mb but I could be mistaken.

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