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Date: Fri Nov 14 21:35:10 1997 wrote:

> > > I was using a WD Caviar 2.0 GB, and it was
> > > LOUD!!!
> >
> > If you think that was loud, you've never heard a RP05 spinning up
> :-).
> I have heard it a jumbo jet on takeoff. Seems to be
> most of noise from that too powerful blower motor. Why the need
> for that blower to be there?! Ack!
> > The most amazing thing is being in a real computer room (i.e. dozens
> > of 14" drives) when the power suddenly goes *off*. The silence is
> > astonishing.
> >
> > Tim. (
> >
> I'm sure that would be real shock. And a BIG trump when all heads
> suddenly as one parks home when power went out. (Along with a fading
> sound of spindown with one or two squeak from bit worn platters).
> And burning smell of brake material but I have imagination running
> amok. :)
> Troll

    I remember it in the old MLO4-4 and MLO1-1 (For non-DEC former or
currentemployees, all references to ML or MLO refer to the old woolen
mill in Maynard
Mass, USA, that was the company's headquarters for years), but, as a
system operator, in the above locations, this was definately a "pregnant
The "Klaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!!" of the relays, also commanded some

            Anyone remember the smell when a(n) RP06 disk pack decided
to talk
to it's heads, at a distance closer than factory spec's called for (or
the somewhat
sensual dance that the old RP07 <looked like a skinny washing machine>
used to
do when the seeks happened just right (sound of the song "la

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