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Date: Fri Nov 14 17:46:50 1997

> <sounds as if the head is hitting against the case or something. Now,
> <there is no disk access going on at all when this is happening, and it
> <happens regularly at (seemingly) random intervals throughout the day. All
> <of a sudden I'll start to hear the thunking sound and it will be coming
> <from one of the two machines' hard drive. Very odd.
> It may be that most of the non stepper drive will reseek from time to time
> to correct for temperature and wear. It's recalibration.
> Allison

Very prudent to check because Sam's hds WAC 11200 is one
of listed that requires s/w to quiet down that clicking and that is
not a recal seek, it's a wear leveling feature.
So, I already suggested he do so to d/l this s/w and run on them to
make himself happier.

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