Classic Computer Rescue Squad

From: HOTZE <>
Date: Sat Nov 15 11:26:03 1997

Well, it's loud, for me. I really kind of did enjoy my old 200MB drive, as it
wasn't as noisy. But today, I heard the LOUDEST COMPUTER since the old 60's
models I've seen. It wasn't the HDD or anything, but there was this constent
humm just at the top end of our hearing range.... VERY ANNOYING.

Allison J Parent wrote:

> <> The most amazing thing is being in a real computer room (i.e. dozens
> <> of 14" drives) when the power suddenly goes *off*. The silence is
> <> astonishing.
> I was in a computer room at dec when a power failure hit. Imagine 30
> RA81s and 82s plus two 8650s going silent. The lastime I heard that
> deafining silence the engine on my plane stopped in the air! It's not the
> loud but the sudden lack of it.
> Allison
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