Classic "Laptops"

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Nov 15 11:01:29 1997

PG Manney wrote:
> >I've recently heard of someone who told me about an 8080 laptop from
> >someone who has been into computers longer than I have. He said that
> >there was a laptop... in the 1970's, that was smaller than the origional
> >Compaq. It was soupossed to only have a little RAM, and it was used by
> >journalists, who would connect with a modem an upload the files. Is
> >this true? If so, what on earth ever happened to these? (Does this
> >sound like something else... H/PC come to mind?
> Journalists around here used the Radio Schlock thingie (Tandy 100?) Don't
> know the processor, tho'.

Journalists _everywhere_ used them and many still do. We delivered over
half a megabuck worth of the things to the Los Angeles Times from the
RSCC in downtown LA. And during the 1984 Olympics it was impossible to
keep AA batteries in stock anywhere in the county, since reporters from
the rest of the country (and planet) were going through them like pretzel
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