What's an apple //GS worth?

From: Kip Crosby <engine_at_chac.org>
Date: Sun Nov 16 00:19:35 1997

At 23:03 11/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Ive found a guy locally who has a GS for sale, but hasnt set a price....

If the 486 has decent RAM and disk I would trade him level, but only if you
really want the IIGS.

>its a woz version

This is not the Good Thing it may sound like, apart from cool appearance.
The Woz sig on the front of the case implies Rev 00 ( = earliest) ROMs and
very limited expandability. AFAIK the released ROM versions were 00, 01,
and 03; 00 could be upgraded to 01 with a chipset, but 03 was a logic board
swap. There never was an 02; 04 existed, but the GS was killed before 04
went into production. Some of the 04 ROM code was written into GS/OS
instead, but beyond this I yield gracefully (I hope) since others here
surely know more than I do.

>coupla megs of memory. (exp card?)
>external cms hard drive (scsi?)
>has a sound card. he says it's not the ensoniq sound chip, but an adaptor
>3.5 drive.
>also has some books and sw.

oh....like I said, how bad do you want it?

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