One from the 'believe it or not' file...

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Nov 16 13:01:08 1997

>> And so, the dilemma... do I open the disks and crank this critter up? Or
>> just pack it all away as another classic 'artifact'? (or leave it until I
>> have a fair amount of time to spend with it)
>Why not just get some disks from another 3b1? I do not think they are all
>that rare.

I say leave what's sealed, sealed. I think it's pretty cool, and the odds
are against ever finding another sealed set. As William points out,
getting the disks from another system shouldn't be that hard, might take
some time to actually get the 3b1 up and running because of this, but who


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