One from the 'believe it or not' file...

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Nov 16 22:58:09 1997

Along the same lines....

While digging through one of my boxes of stuff for a part I found a
partial S100 Jade Double density disk controller kit unassembled. Of
course I remember why I had it, the person that gave it to me back in
'82 wasn't up for the assembly task, raided it for parts and gave
me the remains. At the time I wasn't interested in getting a 1793 based
controller going as I was getting 765As for free and all the assistance
from it's designers I could use. Well guess what. I'm 98% of the way
through assembling it. Then I have to assemble the source code as there
are no disks but lots of listings in the manuals. It's z80 based in that
it has its own CPU as a bus slave. Should be interesting to get going.

Oh, all the missing parts are from my collection and a few are date coded
before the board! It was all I had of some parts.

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