New Definiton??? My opinion

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 10:49:04 1997

FWIW, here's my opinion on the "redefinition" as to what a classic is:

I like it as it stands, but with a _little_ leeway. If some conversation
pops up about the Atari Portfolio or another unique computer that's been
around awhile, I would not mind seeing it (maybe even enjoy it!)

Also, if the discussion is centered around emulators of classic machines,
like things/hints/tips you do with the CoCo3 emulator on a Pentium, that's
o.k. too _as long as_ the topic doesn't stray from the CoCo3 end of things...

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own as if it were a 8.9Mhz CoCo3) from Rick's Computer Enterprises. Rick's
one helluva nice guy, and his e-mail address is:
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[[ another plug -- the CoCo2 emulator is free! ]]

Udder dan dat, methinks the 10 year limit should stay.

Just MHO,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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