New Definiton REQUIRED

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 12:31:41 1997

<> > latest thing to come down the 'pike - it's all ASICs, custom silicon,
<> > and surface mount stuff on wafer-thin boards. In short - not built
<> > to last. Nor is it designed to.

Surface mount offers compact and also better signal integrity for ultrafast
logic. There are many good reasons for surface mount that are in the realm
of quality improvement. Yes, it's take more skill to fix and some of the
parts are not easy to come by.

FYI in the industry there a few descriptions of part of the problem.

Good, fast, cheap, pick two.
Cost of repair exceeds value of unit. Fix/trash decision.

Many machine were made the way they were because technology of the time
balanced against cost were deciding factors.

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