New Definiton/ Vaporware lives still!

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Date: Mon Nov 17 08:58:39 1997

> <Speaking of Alpha's, is there any chance that I can put my own together? A
> <agree... it's just plain stupid, and I hate Intel anyway... kind of like in
> Sure, you can buy them used for prices that aren't all that expensive
> compared to late model 486 or early p5s. The older ones are now some 4-5
> years old. The OS for it will cost you. You have three choices that I
> know of, OpenVMS (my favorite), Digital Unix, or NT. I don't know that
> anyone has done a UNIX port outside of digital.
> Allison
Um, Linux 2.0.30 now have Alpha support, PPC, 68k (amiga), 386, Mips,
Sparc, Ataris. Linux is Unix kind which you can source unix source
code to it by freely available complier and make 'em.

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