Model 100, again

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 14:23:42 1997

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 wrote:
> > *If* the M100 display is similar to the Tandy 200 display, they are _not
> > screwed together._ They are held together by a cheap pot-metal bracket with
> > nothing but tabs pushed thru slots on the LCD controller PCB and then
> > twisted. You will get 1, maybe two twists on each before they break. These
> > tabs must be *firmly* twisted to gain enough pressure on the LCD for the
> > pressure sensitive glass contacts to work.

When I had to replace the LCD strip in my Sharp PC1500 computer, the place
that sold me the new display also sold me (for a little more money) a new
mounting frame, explaining that it was difficult to reuse the original
one. Needless to say they were right.

> That rubber striped thingy are called zebra connectors. Used in lot
> of hard drives with a zeal especially early Maxtors, few quantums and
> few others. It's not pressure sensitive, the electrical connections
> is made by pressure. Long edge takes lot of pressure to do it
> because of area. Physics duh!
> > I had a badly misaligned T200 display that I attempted to realign...
> > realignment is not as easy as it would seem, and yet on my 3rd attempt it

Often, alignment is easy _if_ you can figure out what has to be aligned.
In the case of the Sharp I mentioned earlier, the display had to be fitted
into the frame hard against one side (I forget which). Sometimes there are
alignemnt holes in the PCB and in a tab on the frame. Sometimes the whole
thing was clamped up in a jig at the factory, in which case you've got

BTW, are you sure a new display is needed for this M100? Firstly my M100
TechRef lists separate part numbers for the display itself, the mounting
frame, the driver chips, etc. So you might be able to reapir the old one.

And secondly, I've never had a M100 display fail. What normally fails is
the -5V power supply (normally an O/C rectifier IIRC). This supply is used
by the serial port, internal modem _and_ as the bias supply for the LCD


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