Data General model 6122 disk subsystem available

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Tue Nov 18 00:39:33 1997

There is a local (Silicon Valley) guy who has a model 6122 disk subsystem
with two packs. It has a capacity of 277MB and requires 3 phase power.
Included are also some shipping cases for the packs.

I believe that the subsystem weighs about 200-300 pounds. The dimensions
are approximately 20" x 48" x 30". It was used with a Data General
Eclipse S/140.

My understanding is that the unit can be had for the price of shipping
or for free you are willing to pick it up. I am willing to take care of
the labor for packing and shipping.

This unit will be scrapped soon if a home cannot be found for it.

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