Wrong Way:New Definiton REQUIRED

From: HOTZE <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Tue Nov 18 12:20:38 1997

Okay... it seems that after several days of discussion of this topic, we have
the following info: (1) The definition is bendable, as circimsances dicatate,
(2) The definition is pretty much fine as it is, but (3) (The BIG one) Many
computers will NOT be significant classics... origionally, as has been pointed
out, the "10 year" rule was to make sure that IBMs weren't included... first the
IBM/PC, then the IBM XT, then the AT, and pretty soon, we'll be getting in to a
time where the words "IBM Compatible" are going to get replaced with "PC." The
fact is, there are just to darn many 386s to contemplate... we have a few
options... (1) Allow only the first/last (IE Deskpro 386 first, I don't know
about last) or there are many others.... but it seems that the correction that I
was trying to push to allow MORE was wrong: It seems that you want LESS... and
when I think about it, it might make sense... for handhelds, the "standard"
won't apply probably (for classics) until around 2010 or so, so they'll remain
in for some time... but anyway, we need to think, or just keep it as it is...
but the "386 problem" is going to be something that we'll have to conquer... and
the days are a commin...
    Tim D. Hotze
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