IBM 5100

From: Michael Gillespie <>
Date: Tue Nov 18 12:05:26 1997

I own two complete IBM 5100 systems.

My original machine was fully loaded with 64k and both APL and BASIC in
ROM. It also had the serial I/O card and I used to remotely access the
machine with an ASR33 teletype at 110(?) baud. With the proprietary
vertical market software plus the IBM software, I paid about $64,000 in
1975(?), or about a buck a byte.

The other, purchased ten years later for spares, has BASIC only and I
forget the amount of memory.

I also have the entire library of IBM software released for these
machines and all documentation including the service manuals.

I have two external tape drives and two printers as well and boxes and
boxes of tapes.

I wrote a fully-funcional word-processor in APL for use with the "Paper
Tiger"-series printers. I wrote over 100 user manuals on this machine
and output camera-ready copy.

If anyone out there needs any info or assistance with the 5100, perhaps
I can help.

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