New Definiton REQUIRED

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Mon Nov 17 12:11:40 1997

>Well, what did the PC/AT have that the PC/XT didn't? 1.2MB
>minifloppies (although I saw those retrofit onto XT-class PCs), 16-bit
>slots, a cascaded interrupt controller to handle the additional
>interrupt request lines...and the A20 gate that let you get at another
>little chunk of RAM up above the 1MB boundary while still in real

...and the hard drive info in ROM.

But, you're right. The 286-386 jump was more significant than the 8088-286
jump, even though so of those 286 changes that you mentioned are still with
us that Pentiums are "AT" (not 386) class machines.
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