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From: Ken Harbit <krh03_at_csufresno.edu>
Date: Wed Nov 19 02:45:38 1997

Found on comp.sys.tandy


 I have acquired a pile of boxes from an estate sale. Numerous old
 computer pieces-parts that I thought might be of some value, but I
 don't know where to 'advertise' them -- and now they must go.

 Included are
 computers - TI & Radio Shack, some in perfect condition -- one is
     in a heavy steel case, RS keybd, could be home brew from misc
     parts but I can't tell, could it possibly be a stock TRS 80?
 software - cartridges & 5 1/4 floppies
 printers - are ribbons & print heads still available?
 ref books - old, specialized, probably junk
 monitors - USI, PI2, mono, unfamiliar connectors
 {also 2 non-computer antiques: 1) an old Associated Press
     linotype machine, with ribbons, very heavy. 2) 3M copier.}
 chips - small, many, stored in plastic tubes
 LNW Research products - look like large keybds but may be
    more than that -- one box is different as follows

 You should see this manual, it is beautiful. Yes, Virginia, there is
 such a thing as an Antique Computer. Wish it had a date in it; ref is
 made to a CA sales tax of 6%. "System Expansion for the TRS-80 [pc
 board & user manual] w/ serial RS232C / 20mA I/O
     floppy controller
     32K bytes memory" (awesome)
 Found a date. Guess! Answer to follow at signature.

 So please, somebody, send me a clue, what can I do.
 Anyone know an address where I can list these? Are old puters
 so plentiful as to not have any value as collector's items?

 Thanks much.



Found on comp.sys.ti

I have a couple TI99/4As, an expansion box with a disk drive and other
stuff (very heavy), another disk drive, and some carts that a coworker
was going to throw away. I live in Gilroy, CA and work in San Jose,
CA. Anyone interested?


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