New Definiton REQUIRED

From: Bill Yakowenko <>
Date: Wed Nov 19 14:54:52 1997

I'm quite happy with the ten-year-plus-flexibility definition,
as described by Bill Whitson. Remember the sign-on message from
when you first subscribed? (Maybe it changes from time to time?
I'll include the one I got at the end of this.)

He specifically states that the main intent of the ten-year limit
is to avoid "discussion of technical problems with the standard PCs
and Macs, other than the really old stuff". Perfect. No WinDoze
d00dz begging for warez, but talk about fixing up the older critters
is explicitly 100% in-bounds. By the "not-heavy-handed" clause,
talk about the unusual not-yet-ten-year-old machine is okay too.

Unless you are insisting on discussing current PCs and Macs, or
want to be more restrictive, there is nothing that needs adjusting.
(I personally wouldn't mind ruling out all PC/Mac talk, but that's
just me, and I wouldn't actively push for that.)

Can we please drop this now?


] NAQ (Never Asked Questions) 0.1
] What is it?
] This list is for the discussion of Classic Computers -
] primarily for those people who collect and restore
] old machines. It is brand new - no subscribers yet
] so sign up. The collection and restoration of computers
] is becoming a big enough hobby that I felt a need for
] a place to talk about it.
] What is a classic computer?
] Well that's hard to say but since I created the list I'll
] do it anyway. A classic computer is a machine that has not
] been produced for 10 years or more. It's an arbitrary
] definition but at least uncomplicated.
] What are the guidelines?
] The list is designed for discussion of collecting, restoring,
] and maintaining old computers. I'm not going to be heavy
] handed with restricting discussion. I'd just like it to be
] clear that the list is not the proper place for discussion
] of technical problems with the standard PCs and Macs (other
] than the really old stuff). Anyone can lurk - if you're
] going to post, just use your own good judgement.
] This IS NOT and will NEVER BE a list for discussion of "which
] computer is best?" and anyone who posts the ubiquitous "why
] don't you just go buy a PC you moron" will be immediately
] unsubbed.
] Beyond this - have fun! That what keeps us going with these
] old machines.
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