New Definiton/ Vaporware lives still!

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Wed Nov 19 18:54:45 1997

At 01:31 PM 11/17/97 -0500, Allison J Parent wrote:
><Speaking of Alpha's, is there any chance that I can put my own together? A
><agree... it's just plain stupid, and I hate Intel anyway... kind of like in
>Sure, you can buy them used for prices that aren't all that expensive
>compared to late model 486 or early p5s. The older ones are now some 4-5
>years old. The OS for it will cost you. You have three choices that I
>know of, OpenVMS (my favorite), Digital Unix, or NT. I don't know that
>anyone has done a UNIX port outside of digital.

For the more recent Alpha systems (basically anything with PCI) you can run
Linux. Also NetBSD supports some of the older Alpha systems (the
3000/300LX) for example.

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