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Date: Wed Nov 19 16:56:40 1997

> > It's going as long as we have newbies comes in, even happens on other
> > newsgroups and in our notes on vax at my college. Sheesh!
> You mean, there's still another educational institution that uses VAX
> Notes as a major means of mass communication?
> What's your mailer?

One thing, Notes is kind of internal "newsgroups" that you can
subscribe while as authorized users logged on there. The vax email
program that you write and reply to is PMDF and has POP3 server as
well. Also it has newsgroups reader on there but it's too clumsy and
hard to use. I prefer seperate programs like Agent or suitable linux
newsreader (still yet to get a computer running properly for that
linux except for that dumb video chipset especially X-win problem.
Only thing Notes sees when other users uses Notes to read other
replies from other users and if one wishes to send off a message
directly to user who wrote a note uses this command: send /auth.
That lands in their specific email adress as seen from that specific
note with that username in the subject line area.

What? My local email or at my college?

On my local account not college's is Pegasus Mail via my account POP3
server. I'm user of WAVE as you noted in my email tag. :)

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