HORRAY!!! (And a little boo...)

From: HOTZE <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Thu Nov 20 23:56:36 1997

Okay.... possibly keyboard, but probably HDD. I tried my current keyboard...
it's a Windows 95, and I still got that error.

Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, HOTZE wrote:
> > I just got my XT working!!! (My first classic) Well... not really
> > working... I get a "601 Error", and then it says "Press F1 To Resume" I
> > remember a similiar error w/my current computer... I replaced the
> > keyboard when all was done. Just for a little interesting bit, the
> > manufacturer of the chip (I forget the term) on the keyboard is
> > Zilog.... same neon light style logo as way back when. Well anyway, I
> > would like to thank Max, who sent me the processor that got it working,
> > (Sorry, tried to e-mail him, and got an error) and I would like to know
> > if anyone can help w/ the 601 error.
> > Thanks,
> My boss, who used to work on these, says it's either a keyboard fail, or a
> harddisk fail. He's not sure.
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