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Date: Thu Nov 20 20:11:23 1997

> I've tried replacing the controller, and used another 360K floppy. Now,
> the monitor stops working :( Does the XT just not LIKE me?
> Tim D. Hotze
Dang it! That is not funny time for XT to misbehave multiple times!


Well, If yours is ORIGINAL bright green monochrome monitor, keep that
power cable attached to the power supply "out" side. It's switched
by that red switch. Look carefully if you can see orange glow
through top grille in your monitor. If you try to power that monitor
without signal plug attached to XT, I do not know if it will blow up
or drill a new burnin in one spot.

Have the monitor inspected and repaired by your friend who KNOWS
electronics stuff and doing it for a living. Just in case.

I caught and already informed local radio shack about the preishable
capacitors after failing few from 2 bulk packages of capacitors with
my new trusty ESR meter. Few years ago, I did that without proper
tool to check those RS new caps for rebuilding PSU, that went bad in
short order within a year. PSU is switching type BTW. :(
And they told me that is first time they heard of it.
HUH! Capacitors are like food. Use them or lose 'em.

I know now for a fact: RS resells those bulk parts with castoffs
mixed in with rare quality caps that has epoxyied bottoms instead of
black rubber. (!) Compare that bulk packages to singles, some
looked dreadful and badly oxidized, looked like they're from 10 or 20
years ago compared to shiny NEW caps. Now, I wonder where I can
trust to get REAL fresh and speced 105C instead of cheaper 85C ones
that I only see often when I go shopping at bulk components store in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada? And cheap to boot as well?

I have a old notebook, yes it's a compaq SLT 286 needing a right
type. it's bit nonstandard shape: long skinny cap rated 1500uF at
working 20V, it JUST a hair under 1/2" dia but length is limited by
the 1500uF but the diameter is vital. Only one or two mm to play
with. Whew! Oh, it's radial and has 3 legs: one for keeping the
other end from wagging around, welded to the casing, other 2 is just
your typical radial pattern. Right now I hung a regular cap
w/ insulated 18GA wires just to cut losses outside the casing in the
space between PSU and the floppy, just functional but plain ugly
 custom engineering. :) Oh, that one end of that bad cap is epoxied
with that shiny red stuff. Nice, but that failure was internal wire
break and allows a pin to rotate that I missed because that was WAY
before I got the ESR meter. (!!)

Oh, anyone heard of a
portable/notebook maker called NBCC (Nippon Business Computer Corp.)
? I have 2 models of that maker one is 286 portable and one 386sx16
notebook, BOTH are needing in repair and like to have info about
these reputation and its' reliablity.. If you have knowledge of
them, just chat with me on private email. Models: (sorry no FCC #
just models) 286LT and other one is 386SX I Think.

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