TRS 80 with Green Screen

From: Robert M Donan <>
Date: Fri Nov 21 11:02:02 1997

The Tandy TRS80 Model III, as delivered, did not come with a green
screen. Either the machine has been upgraded (requiring a different
video board) or it is not a Model III. I may be able to help you either
way as I have been repairing Radio Shack computers since 1979. You
could help me answer your questions by answering the following

1. Does the computer have a silver or cream coloured cabinet? If the
cabinet is silver in coulur, it is a Model III cabinet and the innards
may have been renewed. As the Model III and Model IV (non-gate array)
use the same footprint for their internal circuit boards and drive
towers, they are easily interchanged.

2. If the cabinet is cream couloured it is most likely a Model IV

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